• Are you feeling stuck with your Health Coaching Business? 
  • Are you sick of second-guessing yourself, and not doing the marketing you need to do?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed about what actions to take, right now, and what to do next?

Maybe you're a newbie Health Coach, or maybe you've been in the business for a few years.... 

My mission is to help you create a Health Coaching business that feels GOOD to you. 

When it doesn't feel good, that means there are some blocks, big and small, that we need to clear. So honey, let's clear those blocks! 

  • What if you could make decisions in your Health Coaching Business with ease?
  • What if your marketing became second nature to you?
  • What if everything that you thought was "difficult" in your business became things that you did with flow?
  • What if you felt so good about your Health Coaching Business, that you started attracting and helping clients consistently?

HELPING YOU GET THERE is what I'm here to support you with x

Scroll down to find how we can work together. 


Step into your marketing superpower as a Health Coach by getting super CLEAR on what YOU and your business are all about. 


The one thing that has truly helped me sustain my business as a Health Coach is getting myself in front of new audiences online. And the best way that I have found to do that is by generating targeted paid traffic through Facebook Ads. 


This is for you if you are just starting out or are thinking of using Facebook Ads to start attracting more Health Coaching Clients. Spend some time with me to walk through Facebook's powerful tools to make sure you are setting your Facebook Ad right to gather the most number of signups to your list, attract targeted potential Health Coaching clients, and save yourself money in the long run!


In this 6-Week Done-With-You Program, you will learn how to craft and implement your full Facebook Ads strategy so that you can learn how to run Facebook Ad campaigns that convert, and consistently generate highly targeted ideal Health Coaching Clients. You also want to make sure you can do it on your own next time, so we'll be going through the full process of running a successful Facebook Ad Campaign for Health Coaches together in this Done With You program



I'm Agnes Aldana, Client Attraction Specialist and Facebook Ad Strategist for Health Coaches. I'm an absolute geek at nutrition, marketing and technology. Strange mix much? Not when it comes to nailing your Health Coaching business basics, and getting yourself in front of new audiences on Facebook! I've invested lots of time, effort and money growing my own online Health Coaching business, and implementing sales funnels and Facebook Ad campaigns for Health Coaching, with proven results. So if you are looking for someone who understands Health Coaching, Marketing and Facebook (especially Facebook Ads), I'm your girl.