Oooops! Your limited-time replay for the HEALTH COACH TECH INTENSIVE has expired. :(

BUT if you want to get super-unstuck with your systems, you're a perfect fit for the HEALTH COACH TECH INTENSIVE DIY (Do It Yourself) TRAINING COURSE.

The course is available on PRE-ORDER for the EARLY BIRD price of $97 until 11:59PM Monday 09 May 2016! The full course becomes available at 12AM 10 MAY (Tuesday), at which point, the course price goes up to $147.

In this amazing online, Do It Yourself training package, I show you exactly:

  • How to setup your Facebook Page in a way that will attract dream Health Coaching clients
  • How to setup Mailchimp right and create forms that will attract lots of signups
  • How to setup your website to start working for you... pronto!
  • How to setup automated scheduling and online client-intake forms for your Health Coaching sessions
  • PLUS: How to use Canva to create gorgeous marketing images and eBooks
  • PLUS: Integrating your Mailchimp account with PayPal for automated response emails for purchases / eCourses / 1-on-1's (step by step walkthrough)
  • PLUS: Setting up simple eCourses with Mailchimp and your website (no need to purchase expensive course platforms!)
You have certainly opened up my eyes Agnes, and breaking the steps down with clarity is exactly what I needed. Love your tech skills, and will definitely be recommending you. Thank you.
— Callie W.



STARTER TECH CHECKLIST - which ties all of the above together step by step so that you know what to do in what sequence and how to hop between these systems while setting up in a super-effective way without overwhelm. I show you: 
- How Mailchimp connects to your website
- How your Intake Forms can be embedded in your calendar
- How you can automate your purchases from PayPal to Mailchimp to your website
- How your calendar links and eBooks you created in Canva can then be part of your automated sequences
....and many more!

IDEAL CLIENT MASTERCLASS (priced at $47) - which will help you get unstuck with who you want to help and how, in your Health Coaching Business.

YOUR NOURISHING EMAIL NURTURE SEQUENCE - exactly what to write in your automated email sequences when welcoming people after they download your opt-in, to position you as the health and wellness expert that they want to work with.

I have my website and Fb page up and running but I was missing some key features. Thank you for helping me clean it up and get more knowledge on other pieces of the puzzle, like Mailchimp! Thanks Agnes! Super Helpful!
— Julia R.


This is seriously your Health Coach Tech Business in A Box.


Why do you want this?

Because you want to stop spinning your wheels, get unstuck, and start making your Health Coaching business a real business.

Thank you Agnes! I have a FB page, website and a Mailchimp account that I have not been using effectively. This has been a very useful information and a great help to me in my business.
— Nikki G.
You’ve got me! Cant wait to start!
— Maree C.

And some more love for the Tech Intensive:

I’m no longer scared. You’re presenting this in a way thats making me believe that I can do this myself.. phew! baby steps and just start.
— Callie W.
You have super amazing skills. Thanks so much.
— Lisa M.


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