Struggling to build your mailing list as a Health Coach? You're a Health Coach with a gorgeous opt-in, but no one's downloading. You've tried using Facebook Ads in the past but with no success. You keep posting your opt-in link on your Facebook Page... but things are quiet. 

Growing your mailing list with ideal potential Health Coaching clients doesn't start and end with a gorgeous opt-in and posting it on your site or Facebook Page. Organic reach for Facebook sucks (yep, and it goes down even more whenever you post a Call to Action such as "hey, download my free opt-in!"). This means that unless you try something new, you're stuck with the same limited Facebook audience,  and you also can't build your mailing list. 

FACEBOOK ADS is absolutely the way to go. I believe in this, because this is how I've managed to grow my Health Coach mailing list with hundreds of targeted leads each time I launch a campaign. 

BUT: Creating successful Facebook Ad campaigns to grow your mailing list doesn't start and end with creating an opt-in and an Ad in the Ads Manager. It starts with nailing your ideal client and targeting. 

In this Program I’ll teach you:

  • How to nail your ideal client as a Health Coach in a way that feels so much easier for you. Hint: None of the usual cringe-worthy ideal client exercises and LOTS of real life Health Coaching examples!
  • How to nail a solution-oriented opt-in specific to Health and Wellness. (HINT: This doesn’t mean you have to change your existing opt-in.)
  • How to talk to your ideal client on your Landing Page and Facebook Ad copy.
  • How to find your target audience on Facebook.

You Also Grab:

  • Your Ideal Client Questionnaire >> HINT: This is the easiest questionnaire you will ever fill out on this topic. 
  • My Facebook Ad Ready to Launch Checklist (because who doesn’t love checklists?)

Spare yourself the expensive learning curve of running Facebook Ads that don't work by starting with this crucial foundational first step. I wish someone had taught me this way earlier in my business! Click below to get access to your Masterclass today. 

You've got this at $27 until your own personal promo expires! See how much time you've got below. 

Agnes really helped me discover and rediscover my strengths and my clients’ core problems.
— Kelsey Davidson (Alive Fitness and Wellness), upon rediscovering her true target audience

I'm Agnes Aldana, Client Attraction Strategist for Health Coaches. I'm an absolute geek at nutrition and Facebook Ad optimisation. Strange mix much? Not when it comes to growing your Health Coaching business and getting yourself in front of new audiences on Facebook! I've spent years honing my craft in IT, Business and Health Coaching, and believe in training with the best in the business. I've been mentored directly by both Diane SanFilippo (as a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach), and Claire Pelletreau (the Facebook Ads Optimisation Expert chick!). So if you are looking for someone who understands both Health and Facebook marketing, I'm your girl.