Are you a Health Coach who is tired of the same old advice that results in you spending hours and hours in your marketing with little or no results?

Advice like:

  • Set up your Facebook Page and lots of people will magically like your page and become your clients. Nope, they probably won't see your Page and they won't necessarily become your clients. 
  • Attract people to join your mailing list by setting up a blog and newsletter. Well, this can take a lot of time to generate clientele if  no one knows about your blog or newsletter. 
  • Blog at least once a week. Again, this won't work to generate clients if no one knows about your blog. 
  • Keep posting on your Facebook Page. Especially, keep posting the link to your newsletter. Well, you're not likely to attract heaps of people to your mailing list if you're only getting it in front of a limited audience. Organic Facebook reach sucks. At any given point only 1-2% of your audience sees what you are posting. And each time you post, especially if you have a call to action (such as hey, please sign up to my mailing list), even less people see it than usual. 
  • Network at gyms and yoga classes. Who has the time?
  • Network on other people's blogs. Again, who has the time? It's hard enough keeping on top of your own blog!

My guess is that this hasn't worked for you, and that's why you're here. 

What if you could:

  • Get your Facebook Page in front of a whole net set of people who NEED what you have to offer
  • Attract lots of new targeted potential clients to your mailing list without slaving over your Facebook Page posts
  • Get your gorgeous opt-in downloaded and grow your mailing list with targeted potential Health Coaching clients without blogging weekly or even regularly?

Guess what... you can!

The one thing that has truly helped me sustain my business as a Health Coach is getting myself in front of new audiences online. And the best way that I have found to do that is by generating targeted paid traffic through Facebook Ads. 

Facebook Ads have helped me:

  • Grow my Health Coach mailing list grow my mailing list to over a thousand subscribers in just 6 months
  • Ensure that people in my mailing list are truly interested in what I have to offer (they like hearing about new paid offers and services from me), because they NEED what I have to offer
  • Totally work smarter, not harder!

If you are ready to grow your list with targeted potential health coaching clients using Facebook Ads and get some 1-on-1 love to ensure that all the elements of your Facebook Ad campaign are just right, you're in the right place! I'll hold your hand through the whole prep process in this 6-Week Done With You Program

This is for you if:

  • you've got a Facebook Page
  • you've got a gorgeous opt-in / lead magnet (like an eBook, free challenge, etc.)
  • you have a welcome email sequence in a tool such as Mailchimp or other similar newsletter tools
  • a web site (preferred but optional)
  • you are sick and tired of wasting hours and hours on social media while only getting some "likes" and "comments" but no signups to your Health Coaching mailing list 
  • you've tried Facebook Ads in the past and really didn't get any signups
  • you're not quite sure that you are targeting your current opt-in / lead magnet correctly
  • you're not sure you know how to write copy for your Ads that will attract your Health Coaching clients
  • you are SO ready to get over the technical and Facebook overwhelm and attract new targeted Health Coaching clients!
  • you'd love some 1-on-1 support to make sure you get it right!

This isn't for you if:

  • you are just starting out** (Check out my Fresh Facebook Ad Intensive instead xx)
  • you haven't got a Facebook Page
  • you are still struggling to build an opt-in
  • you don't have a welcome email sequence in a tool such as Mailchimp or similar newsletter tools. 

In this 6-Week Done-With-You Program, you will learn how to craft and implement your full Facebook Ads strategy so that you can learn how to run Facebook Ad campaigns that convert, and consistently generate highly targeted ideal Health Coaching Clients. 

How do we do this? Over the 6-weeks, I work with you 1-on-1 to help you:

  • Create your own personal Facebook Ad Strategy (who to target, how to target them, what Ads to use)
  • Nail your ideal Health Coaching client and make sure you've got a killer opt-in / lead magnet (Hint: you may not need to change your current opt-in) 
  • Find your target health and wellness Audience on Facebook for your Ads
  • Review and optimise your Landing Page copy 
  • Ensure you have health and wellness images which will convert your Facebook Ad
  • Review and optimise your Facebook Ad copy
  • Create custom audiences for you that you can re-use for future campaigns
  • Create your Facebook Ad Campaign together using Power Editor (recorded, so you can do this on your own in the future!)
  • Launch your Facebook Ad Campaign to start attracting new leads to your mailing list
  • Monitor your Facebook results together for 2 different target audiences so you understand what metrics to look for and how to tweak your ads


  • Learn how to implement multiple Campaign strategies that you can use to further grow your list and sell your Health Coaching programs, based on Facebook's new pixel, specific to Health and Wellness 


This program comes with:

  • A welcome packet to make sure everything is ready for our first call.
  • 6 x 1-on-1 video call sessions to discuss your campaign and strategy, and create your Ad Campaign on Power Editor (1 x 1 hour session and 5 x 30-minute sessions).
  • Email support throughout the course of the 6 weeks for any questions you may have, to get your content reviewed, and to make sure you get all the elements of your Facebook Ad Campaign right.

Remember: The more targeted leads you have in your mailing list, the better chances you have of being able to sell your Health Coaching programs and services. 

INVESTMENT: $997 (1- and 2-payments available)

Have questions and want to know if this is right for you? Hop here to book a quick call with me and we'll chat about which service is the best fit xx


With feedback like this, book me before I get booked solid! 

Agnes showed me how to get good conversions. This is great as previously when I had tried to do my own Facebook Advertising, I had virtually no conversions as I didn’t know enough about Facebook Pixilation and how to really target the ad.

It wasn’t just Agnes’s knowledge of Facebook Ad Campaigns that was useful. She also shared some marketing tips and strategies that I think helped to make my campaign more successful. She really has an excellent understanding of sales funnels and put her own experience in the health industry to good use in making my campaign much more successful than it would have been. Agnes understands the health and wellness industry and has a good feel for the right catch phrases and words to use in a Facebook Ad Campaign. I have no hesitation in recommending Agnes to other people and my only regret is that I didn’t use her skills earlier as I have no doubt that my business would be at the next level if I had. She is totally awesome!
I admired her knowledge and success stories and we started our journey together shortly after. Agnes worked very hard around my difficult schedule and really took the time to educate me. She really pushed me beyond my limits and really helped me discover and rediscover my strengths and my clients’ core problems. She had a beautiful amount of patience and really was understanding. Her work with words and social media was amazing, Thank you for all your time and support Agnes!

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PRICE: $997 (1- and 2-payment s available)

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I'm Agnes Aldana, Client Attraction Specialist for Health Coaches. I'm an absolute geek at nutrition and Facebook Ad optimisation. Strange mix much? Not when it comes to growing your Health Coaching business and getting yourself in front of new audiences on Facebook! I've invested lots of time, effort and money to understand and implement Facebook Ad campaigns and sales funnels for Health Coaching, with proven results. So if you are looking for someone who understands both Health and Facebook Ads, I'm your girl.