How to Get Visibility Beyond Friends and Family

If you're a new Health Coach trying to make it online, you're probably watching your Facebook Page Likes like a hawk. You're probably wondering when it will ever grow and why it isn't growing fast enough. 

Sure enough, you've posted about your new Facebook Page and blog on your personal profile. LIke, more than once. Even twice. Okay, make that eight times in the past month or so. But beyond the first burst of enthusiasm, you haven't really seen anyone NEW. 

Agnes - everyone that's on there is either family, or someone I know from work or Health Coaching school. Help!

How do I get visibility online beyond friends and family?

Don't worry -  this is probably the most common I get approached with. So because I'm all about helping you create the right kind of visibility, I'll tackle the top 3 ways you can do this. Yep, only 3, because here we keep it simple.

Option 1: Write guest blog posts on an established platform. 

Find out established blogs which already have a following that is similar to the people you want to reach, and contact them to ask whether they have guest post opportunities. I can't emphasise enough that you need to make sure they've got the audience that you want.

Some Health Coaches I know have blogged for Huffington Post or YFS and have NOT seen any noticeable increase in their views or likes because these are very broad platforms. I'm not saying don't blog for HuffPost, as it's still a very high credibility source. However, don't expect it to create the visibility you want.

By the way, there's no harm in guest blogging for other Health Coaches who are also just starting out. But again, you may not see the results you want and if you're busy and have limited time, you need the most bang for your writing buck. 

Option 2: Collaborate with established wellness providers or companies. 

So what's the difference between just writing a blog post and collaborating, you may ask? Collaboration has more of a partnership and relationship aspect to it, and is possibly more long term as well. Instead of just being posted on their social media once, you can possibly have a regular slot in their blog, regular mentions in their social media and they may even agree to partner with you on an online or offline program. 

As a Health Coach, I had significant success partnering with the largest organic vegetable delivery service in our state and blogged for them regularly. I also created a co-branded opt-in for them, so everyone who joined their mailing list was able to see information about me. They even printed a flyer for my Business and included this in their veggie boxes, which was very kind of them.  

This led to added followers on my Facebook Page, but more importantly, many more additions to my mailing list. And the mailing list is definitely where you want your audience to end up. 

Just like Option 1, make sure that the company or practitioner you want to partner with has the following that you want. Otherwise, you'll be expending a lot of effort for minimal results. 

Also, be careful to nurture this relationship as you need to be able to prove to them that you are serious about staying in the industry, and can consistently produce for them. In this case, you are more reliant on them than they are on you, so you need to continue to earn their trust. 

Option 3: Facebook Ads - My Favourite Option

Notice how I didn't mention just "advertising" in general? This is because Facebook Ads are possibly the cheapest and most targeted way that you can reach a broader online audience in your area of interest. Yes there are Google Ads and Instagram ads etc. but for now, Facebook Ads are possibly the most stable, developed platform for Health and Wellness solopreneurs like you. 

Why are Facebook Ads my favourite option? Because they save you time, money and a lot of effort. Really and truly. Guest blogging and cultivating collaborations both take a lot of time, and you are reliant on someone else for providing a platform of growth. This isn't a bad thing but if time is something you don't have a lot of, you want to get to the most effective and efficient way of creating the right kind of visibility for yourself. 

Personally, my largest source of followers and subscribers to my mailing list were well-crafted Facebook Ads. If you are doing Health Coaching part time, then you won't have a lot of free time to spare.

Facebook advertising is your means of reaching out to the world (literally) from behind your desktop -- but YOU CALL THE SHOTS. 

You tell Facebook who you want your Ad shown to, how frequently, you can stop and start your Ads whenever you want. You can run Ad Campaigns for your program without worrying whether the timing suits others... the list goes on. 

Want to stop wasting time and start using Facebook to create visibility beyond friends and family? 

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