Hi, I’m Agnes Aldana.

I've worn a number of different hats in my online career, from Health Coach (in my former life as Head Nutrition Nerdette in Apple Bites Wholistic Nutrition), Facebook Ads Strategist for Health Coaches, and more recently, as Marketing Mentor for online Health and Wellness entrepreneurs. The one thing that has remained consistent throughout, though, is my passion for health and wellness, and to building a healthy life and business in a way that feels good to you. 

With that, I'm currently taking a break from doing health- and business coaching to take my own advice and spend time on my own wellbeing, reading and regrouping, and spending lots of time with my teen before she starts university. And clearing up more headspace for exciting things to come!

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I was in a bad place financially after having lost so much money with another supposed expert and rather jaded and unsure whether to trust someone again. You know the saying, once bitten, twice shy. But after speaking to Agnes about where I was at in my business and the frustration I had with knowing that I had a great service to provide but really struggled with Facebook advertising, I decided to give her a go. And I’m glad that I did!

Agnes really has an excellent understanding of sales funnels and put her own experience in the health industry to good use in making my campaign much more successful than it would have been.
— Ann Stewart (My Kitchen Heals)
I connected with Agnes via a Facebook group, she posted valuable information and I reached out to her. I admired her knowledge and success stories and we started our journey together shortly after.

Agnes worked very hard around my difficult schedule and really took the time to educate me. She really pushed me beyond my limits and really helped me discover and rediscover my strengths and my clients core problems. She had a beautiful amount of patience and really was understanding.

Her work with words and social media was amazing, Thank you for all your time and support Agnes!
— Kelsey Davidson (Alive Fitness and Wellness)