You're a gorgeous online Health Coach* with so much going for you. 

*"Health Coaches" is really my shorthand for Health Coaches, Nutritionists, Wellness Coaches, Fitness Coaches... basically all Health and Wellness online-preneurs!

  • You are a walking talking model of health transformation. You've done the hard yards and you KNOW you can help others make it through as well.
  • You know your stuff.... like from a really gut level. Health / Nutrition / Fitness is your special zone of genius!
  • You feel ALIVE when you're talking about health and wellness. You're pretty much unstoppable.
  • Most importantly.... You've got the fire in your belly to leave the world a better place than it is now. 

But somehow.... you're hiding. 

Maybe not intentionally, but you're not showing up in your business as you know you can. 

  • For some time now, you've been waiting until everything is "perfect" before you make your grand entrance. 
  • You've been told you need to "niche" down, but it's so hard when you can help everyone!
  • You're suddenly not sure on who you want to help, how you want to show up in the world, and worse.... what makes you unique. 
  • You're getting bogged down in technology and marketing and don't really know what to do next. 
  • You're sick of doing #allthethings and not getting results.

And you're ready to do something about it because not showing up in your Health Coaching Business and not getting results does NOT FEEL GOOD. 

You're in the right place! x

Hi, I’m Agnes Aldana, Client Attraction Specialist and Facebook Ad Strategist for online Health Coaches.

Wooah... Agnes, that's a mouthful! Who do you help exactly?

Let's break it down:

  • I work with both newbie and established online Health Coaches who struggle to reach their ideal clients and generate sales online by helping you get super clear and unstuck on your business and marketing foundations. Without these foundations, it's extremely hard to attract any Health Coaching clients.
  • As icing on the cake, I help you use Facebook Ads in a smart way to get you in front of new audiences and grow your mailing list with ideal potential Health Coaching clients. (This is my zone of special nerdiness, and you'll be amazed at how powerful Facebook Ads can be.)

I help you ditch the countless hours of feeling stuck with your content, feeling unsure about getting visible, and obsessing over your Facebook Page and post Likes. Instead I help you get super-clear on your marketing so you're focused on the right activities, and not wasting time, money and energy. 

My mission is to help other Health Coaches rise because we need more of us out there. There's a very real need for Health Coaching right now, more than ever. 

But the sad reality is also that many Health Coaches are quitting. Because they're confused, overwhelmed, and lack the marketing savvy and support that they need to turn their passion into a successful Health Coaching business. 

This has got to stop. 

Why is this happening? It's happening because of some common marketing advice like this:

  • Set up your Facebook Page and people will magically like your page and become your clients. Nope, they don't necessarily become your clients. 
  • Attract people to join your mailing list by setting up a blog and newsletter. Well, this can take a lot of time to generate clientele if  no one knows about your blog or newsletter. Or if you're writing content that isn't of value to people you want to attract. Or if you don't know what to write.
  • Blog at least once a week. Again, this won't work to generate clients if no one knows about your blog. Or you're not clear who you're targeting.
  • Keep posting on your Facebook Page. Especially, keep posting the link to your newsletter. Well, you're not likely to attract heaps of people to your mailing list if you're only getting it in front of a limited audience. Organic Facebook reach sucks. At any given point only 1-2% of your audience sees what you are posting. And each time you post, especially if you have a call to action (such as hey, please sign up to my mailing list), even less people see it than usual. 
  • Do lots of Health History calls. How will you, if no one knows you're offering Health History or discovery calls?
  • Network at gyms and yoga classes. Who has the time?
  • Network on other people's blogs. Keep commenting and providing advice until (maybe) people will start seeing you as an expect. Again, do you have the time? Keeping up with your own blog is hard enough right?

Has this advice worked for you? 

I guessed not, and that's why you're here. (I'll be honest. As a part-time Health Coach the last thing I had time for was to network physically anywhere. Or even network online!) 

Here's a secret: The one thing that helped me sustain and grow my business as an online Health Coach was to market with intention.

What does that mean?

Marketing with intention means having a clear focus and strong foundation before you start any kind of marketing activity in your business. And it means doing 1-2 things really well, instead of doing 5 things which may sound great on paper, but which won't attract you any Health Coaching clients. It means bringing all of YOU into your marketing and branding because honey, THAT is what makes you stand out and what makes people want to work with YOU. 

Speaking of bringing all of YOU, let me share a little menu of ME:

  • I turned 40 this year and am the proud mum of a 15-year old teen (who, by the way, is now taller than I am!) Most people say we look like sisters but I just tell them... hey, maybe it's the coconut yoghurt smoothies! ;)
  • I'm big on harnessing the power of technology and people... which is why I LOVE the online marketing space!
  • I studied Physics and Computer Engineering in university. THEN decided in my 5th year to add Communication Arts because I hated the thought of being stuck in some lab. I think I could sniff the future -- that technology and media would some day get married to become what we know now as social media!
  • As early as 1998 (woah.. throwback!) I created an e-commerce website for my thesis and talked about the theory of flow in social media. Flow is what keeps your online audience interested and coming back for more. 
  • In 2000, was hired by a Singapore-based animation company to negotiate and set up the first-ever broadband broadcasting channel for kids in Asia (at a time when broadband was new, I knew nothing about kids, and I knew nothing about licencing and creating channels online). But no sweat - the channel got launched!
  • Strong business and IT background from working in some of the largest organizations in the world (including IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers) 
  • Ended up having major blood sugar, adrenal, pain and health issues due to the almost 24/7 lifestyle of working in IT Projects.
  • Studied Integrative Nutrition because I was so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.... and haven't looked back ever since! I'm a geek in technology, marketing and nutrition. 
  • As a part-time online Health Coach (because I was still working in IT and had super-limited time), I had to look for ways to get smarter with my marketing. This involved lots of trial and error, courses, lots of coaching and working with mentors who have been there. 
  • Because I'm a Facebook Geek, I'm also a Certified Facebook Ads Consultant and am now the only Coach I know that specialises in teaching and implementing Facebook Ads for Health and Wellness Coaches.

I got so sick of fellow Health Coaches (who honestly, were better than me, had so much more experience than me) quitting, because they weren't getting anywhere with their business. 

I started helping other Health Coaches in a small way with their business... with great success!

So enough about me.... How can I help you?

  • I help you get over the excuses and get clear on your foundations so you can get confident with your business and start attracting Health Coaching clients (hey, passion without earning isn't going to sustain the passion very long!)
  • I help you ditch the technical overwhelm by teaching you how to use simple systems to start getting in front of your ideal clients and turn your current activities from futile to income generating.
  • I help you focus your marketing activities to help you save time.
  • I help you use Facebook and Facebook Ads like a pro to skyrocket your visibility and... attract your ideal Health Coaching clients. 

All in a way that is focused on an audience for health and wellness, not some generic audience. 

I've invested lots of time, effort and money (yes!) to growing my own online Health Coaching Business, and implementing sales funnels, marketing and Facebook Ad campaigns Health Coaching. So, I can help you avoid the fruitless hours of obsessing over your Facebook likes, and avoid the expensive learning curve.

Most importantly, I help you build a Health Coaching business that feels GOOD to you.

That helps you fulfil your own purpose and mission and create so much more health, happiness and transformation in the world. 

And that, is priceless.

P.S. I don't do Business Coaching woo-woo that you'll never use. I go for practical, done-with-you activities that will get you results and help you help yourself in the future. 

Looking to get yourself in front of your ideal audience as a Health Coach? Looking to grow your list with targeted potential clients? Looking to get over the systems and tech overwhelm and really start growing your Health Coaching business? I'd love to help. xx


Want to see me and my coaching hat in action? Like... every day?

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I was in a bad place financially after having lost so much money with another supposed expert and rather jaded and unsure whether to trust someone again. You know the saying, once bitten, twice shy. But after speaking to Agnes about where I was at in my business and the frustration I had with knowing that I had a great service to provide but really struggled with Facebook advertising, I decided to give her a go. And I’m glad that I did!

Agnes really has an excellent understanding of sales funnels and put her own experience in the health industry to good use in making my campaign much more successful than it would have been.
— Ann Stewart (My Kitchen Heals)
I connected with Agnes via a Facebook group, she posted valuable information and I reached out to her. I admired her knowledge and success stories and we started our journey together shortly after.

Agnes worked very hard around my difficult schedule and really took the time to educate me. She really pushed me beyond my limits and really helped me discover and rediscover my strengths and my clients core problems. She had a beautiful amount of patience and really was understanding.

Her work with words and social media was amazing, Thank you for all your time and support Agnes!
— Kelsey Davidson (Alive Fitness and Wellness)